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About New York Weight Loss

New York Weight Loss was established to provide effective weight loss methods for individuals, unique from traditional exercise or dieting. People increasingly continue to struggle with their optimal shape, health, and overall look and feel of their bodies.

Our weight loss program is supported by many local physicians. OB/GYN’s, cardiologists, oncologists, endocrinologists , primary care medical doctors and many others have overwhelmingly approved our protocol as an evidence based weight loss method.  This type of cooperation in co-treating dieters is a testament to the safety and effectiveness of the Ideal Protein method.


It’s your weight, it’s your choice!


Only you decide what your goals are, how you want to feel and what is beautiful for you. We’ll simply help you get there. We provide the most innovative techniques, combined with a friendly, supportive atmosphere to help you reach your goals.



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Meet The Team

Dr. William Ferris DC

Dr. William Ferris DC

After over a decade of growing Rochester’s most innovative Chiropractic center with a dedicated team helping thousands of people reduce or eliminate musculoskeletal pain Dr. Ferris became acutely aware of the connection between proper weight management and it’s correlation to many pain syndromes that his patient base was struggling with.  

The battle turned personal in April of 2009 when Dr. Ferris lost his hero, his Father, to medical complications perpetuated by the need for attainable weight management.  Reflecting on this, Dr. Ferris decided to enter the fight and make an impact for the people of Rochester who identify with the struggle of obtaining their ideal weight and health. Recognizing that his father, like many of his patients really needed a weight loss system that was evidence based while clearly blueprinting a path to long term success, Dr. Ferris decided to create New York Weight Loss. New York Weight Loss now has the sole mission of simplifying weight loss with attainable, fun, and long term, sustainable results. Dr. Ferris believes everybody deserves to live a life of optimal health that is closely related to their ideal weight and free from prescription medications whenever possible.   

Since 2011, New York Weight Loss has been privileged to help hundreds and hundreds of dieters achieve their goals, and now proudly boasts of over a dozen people in the 100 pound + weight loss club that truly had dramatic transformations on their road to healthier more engaged living.  

Dr. Ferris adheres to collaboration with other healthcare practitioners and communicates directly with our clients current treating physician(s), from a variety of specialities including, Primary Care, OB/GYN, Internist, Oncology, Orthopedic, Neurology, and Endocrinologists.  New York Weight Loss is proud to have gained the trust of hundreds of local trusted physicians regarding our weight loss protocol while co-managing. To date, every physician group that has corresponded with Dr. Ferris and New York Weight Loss has granted permission to their patients to have access to our doctor approved weight loss protocol. 

Dr. Ferris was raised in Cleveland, Ohio by two loving parents and is the youngest of three brothers.  Dr. Ferris own’s a Boxer named Champ, arguably the world’s most handsome Boxer.

Jennifer R

Jennifer R

Jennifer Rice joins New York Weight Loss with nearly a decade of experience in the hospitality industry and a Business Administration Degree. Though she enjoyed providing superior customer care to all of her guests and took care to make sure that everyone she came across was enjoying their time away from home, she always wanted to do more to help others.

Jennifer is eager to use her extensive background in hospitality and deep appreciation for health and wellness to provide a whole new experience for the clients of New York Weight Loss!